No matter where you choose to explore we have a map available for you. Let us know which rides you are interested in, and we'll get you a map to guide you along. Or click on any map here and download it to your phone. These are just some suggestions to get you started but please go explore! We have included gpx data for phone apps and kml data for Google Maps. Please download the guidance links if you wish so you can make these adventures self guided if you want. Let's go!

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Bob Straub Beach  (10 miles round trip)

Ride for miles and miles on a gorgeous beach that feels so far away from everyone! This is our most popular destination. From the main parking lot on Cape Kiwanda Drive it is an 8 mile round trip to the end of the Nestucca River Spit and back. There are always seals and other wildlife there to gaze at and enjoy. Please be aware that this ride can be tidally affected. For safety and ease we recommend this route during low or lower tides. We always let you know the current tide info at the start of your rental to ensure a safe and fun experience. 

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McPhillips Beach (6.5 miles round trip)

What could feel more special than riding on a forest lined beach with the jaw dropping views of Cape Kiwanda in front of you? If you ask us, not much! This place is magical. Enjoy the sights of paragliders launching from the side of the Cape as you pedal your way to amazing low tide areas at the base of the cape. During low (or lower) tides you can connect to Tierra del Mar Beach to the north from McPhillips Beach for a longer ride. Be aware that these beaches do have several seasonal creeks which empty onto them. Ride slowly over them (under 5 mph) so as to not kick up water. 

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Tierra del Mar Beach (10 miles round trip)

Get some space with wide open views, just north of McPhillips Beach. Get away and find a solitary spot on this big beach. Great location, even at higher tides. While you are here, enjoy access to the beach in front of Sitka Sedge park, but do not ride on the trails there. Easy access from the road means more cars on this beach than any other, so be aware of your surroundings. 

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TIERRA DEL MAR BEACH gpx download for mapping apps

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Beach Neighborhoods (5 miles of roads and bike trails)

Exploring all the beachside neighborhoods in town is a fun treat all in itself. Explore the views from Nestucca Ridge, the cute neighborhoods or the various bike paths that abound. There's so much to explore and find!

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BEACH NEIGHBORHOODS gpx download for mapping apps

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Fisher Road Route (4 miles round trip)

Explore the heights of Pacific City! Beautiful views, interesting homes and many quiet neighborhood roads to explore. Explore the highest points in the city at over 200 feet above sea level. Amazing views of the Nestucca Estuary and Cape Kiwanda await you. 

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FISHER ROAD ROUTE gpx download for mapping apps

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River Route (7.5 mile one way loop)

If you've had enough beach and want something different, how about a ride along the Nestucca Estuary and then the Nestucca River itself? This is a one way route for more advanced riders who are comfortable being in a bike lane on a busier road. But it's worth it for the tidal influenced views of the estuary. Stop along the way and explore on foot. Follow the estuary south of town before reaching HWY 101 where you'll go north for a very short distance before returning to Pacific City along Resort Road which follows the river. 

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Forest Roads Route (25 mile loop)

This will take you down Cape Kiwanda Drive as it turns into Sand Lake Road. You'll pass McPhillips Beach and Tierra del Mar Beach as you continue along the side of the road. Be aware this trip will have you on major roads so we strongly suggest this only for experienced riders who are comfortable being on a main road which may or may not have bike lanes. If you are fine with that, you'll also pass Sitka Sedge and Whalen Island. Both great places to hike but you cannot ride a bicycle here. Continue just past Whalen Island to an entrance of beautiful forest roads. Play, explore or just follow the route. Great to come to even if you don't intend to do the whole, long loop. This is a long one and we suggest a full battery and able legs. After winding your way through the forested hills you will then make your way along the Nestucca River in a pastoral setting as you make your way back to Pacific City. 

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FOREST ROADS (EXPERT ONLY) gpx download for mapping apps 

FOREST ROADS (EXPERT ONLY) kml download for Google Maps


All gpx data is meant to guide you but you must still be aware of your surroundings and understand that road closures can occur.